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Social Commitment

Severn Athletic Club - Xpand Horizons is a proud sponsor of Severn Athletic Club (Fall 2012, Fall 2013)

JPYO Soccer Sponsor - Xpand Horizons is a proud sponsor of JPYO Soccer (Fall 2009, Fall 2011)

Haiti Earthquake - Xpand Horizons provided contributions for Haiti Earthquake relief fund

University of Massachusetts System - Xpand Horizons has contributed towards the University of Massachusetter System to help promote education.

Xpand Horizons is founded with the belief that social value can be created alongside economic value. This philosophy is reflected in many of our engagements, especially for development of new products that support underprivileged population of diverse demographics while generating a viable revenue stream. We believe that no business is small or big enough to not give back to the society where it thrives. It is in this spirit that we focus on the following areas for our social commitments -

- Education and Youth Development

- Social Awareness

- Public Health