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Our services are focused on the following areas:

Management and IT Consulting Services:

The consulting services are focused on our core management and IT competencies. We primarily consult during the strategy and solution definition phase of the development lifecycle, and offer expertise in program and project management during the implementation phase. Our key area of consulting are:

Business and IT Strategy (Keywords – Charter, ConOps, CPIC, Dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, MV&S, Transformation, ROI, NPV, Business Case, Case for Action)

Xpand Horizons helps its clients identify strategies to meet their short term and long term business goals either for the whole enterprise or for a specific business unit.  We provide Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) expertise to build and manage IT portfolios of our clients in alignment with their business strategy.  We offer expertise in financial analysis (ROI, NPV, IRR etc.) for capital allocation to technology investment alternatives.

Systems Integration/Modernization (Keywords – Legacy Systems, Modernized Systems, Web-Based Applications, Databases, ETL, Data Migration, Data Quality, Data Assurance, Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security, Interfaces, Custom Development, Mobile Integration)

Xpand Horizons offers services for large scale Systems Integration as well as niche aspects of systems implementation such as Data Quality, Systems Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security, etc. We have extensively supported several custom development as well as large modernization efforts.

Enterprise Architecture (Keywords – EA, FEAF, TEAF, SOA, Business Architecture, Transition Planning, Release Architecture, Systems Architecture, Technical Architecture, Segment Architecture, Data Architecture, Repository, Enterprise Standards)

Xpand Horizons possesses skill base in various aspects of Enterprise Architecture including Federal EA Framework, Treasury EA, Bureau/Agency EA, and Segment Architecture. We have experience with business as well as technical architecture, and we also offer Transition Planning services.

Business Intelligence/Business Analytics (Keywords – Business Objects, SAS, Crystal Reports, Fraud Detection, Data Analytics, Statistical Modeling, Visualization)

Converting Data to Knowledge to Insights is what brings our core competencies in Management and IT come together. We strive to understand business objectives from Management perspective and enabling those objectives using Technology to gain insights from raw data to make better decisions. We have provided support to several BI projects on diverse platforms to provide insights into frauds, cases, issues, workload, etc.

Business Process Management and Reengineering (Keywords – BPR, BPM, KPI, Simulation, Metrics, Performance, Optimization)

Identifying, quantifying, and minimizing business process inefficiencies through business analysis, process design and reengineering for superior performance is a core competency of Xpand Horizons.  We have provided guidance and expertise to reengineer some of the most complex processes related to taxpayer accounts, electronic transactions, customer service, and client communications.

Business Rules and Requirements Development (Keywords – Requirements Models, Business Rule Sets, Business Rules, Use Cases, Storyboarding, Traceability, Workshops, Rational Tools, Rules Engines)

Xpand Horizons provides broad experience in business rules harvesting, governance, and management.  We offer an industry leading approach to develop an integrated and bi-directionally traceable requirements model that encompasses statements, rules, capabilities, processes, test cases, use cases, and other related artifacts. We offer tool support that includes Rational suite, Systems Architect, Blaze Rules Engine, and other industry leading tools.

Software Development Life Cycle/ Enterprise Life Cycle Support (Keywords – SDLC, ELC, Waterfall, Prototyping, Iterative, Agile, Design, Development, Testing, Operations & Maintenance, Technical Writing)

Xpand Horizons offers expertise in industry best practices to support activities throughout the software development lifecycle including vision and strategy, domain architecture, preliminary design, detailed design, development, testing, deployment, and O&M.  We also offer Technical Writing support to capture organizational knowledge for the long term.

Program and Project Management (Keywords – PMO, EVM, Delivery Assurance, Quality Assurance, Release Management, Risk Management, Scheduling, IV&V, Governance, Configuration Management, Vendor Management, Consensus Building, Communications, SharePoint)

During the implementation phase, Xpand Horizons brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for efficient program management, project management, and release management deploying industry best practices and proven methodologies for optimal delivery. We provide project support for Waterfall, Iterative, Prototyping, Agile, and other industry accepted software development approaches. We also offer PMO support functions such as Configuration Management, Scheduling, Facilitation, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), Governance etc.)

Training Development (Keywords – Content Development, Tool Trainings, Rules and Requirements Training, Custom Training Development)

Xpand Horizons is not only innovating in the field of business rules and requirements but is also collaborating to develop training for the practitioners of the art to exercise this cutting edge approach in real life situations. We offer classes and workshops to teach how to develop rules and requirements for large and small projects alike.   

Innovation Product Division:

Innovation Product Division helps us make strategic investments in long term relationships for new products and partnerships. We offer guidance and assistance to early-stage startups for new product definition, business plans, valuation, and networking in exchange for a fee and/or equity. We also build long term partnerships to provide sales channel for existing product lines to expand current market segments or cultivate new markets.

Product Definition and Development

We recognize the criticality of correct product definition, especially for startups in technology space. We leverage our technical and business expertise to guide product definition and development at very early stages within the context of market trends, technology trends, and competitive landscape.

Startup Assistance

We offer startup assistance in terms of providing bootstrapping guidance, creating business plans or any of its components, developing financial pro-forma statements, valuation, and enable networking and deal-making.

Product Sales and Deployment

We provide sales channels for the product lines and associated service offerings of our partners by identifying new market segments and developing client relationships in existing segments. We also offer services in sales and deployment of new technology products.

The real deal -

No matter what kind of service we provide to our clients, we always strive for the following -

- Develping a deep understanding of our client's business and motivations

- Actively look for win-win situations

- Doing what makes both of us happy

- Pointing in the right direction if what you need is beyond our capabilities

- Be good, be honest, and be happy!