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Company Overview 

Xpand Horizons, LLC is a consulting and innovation firm focused on using core management and IT competencies to create economic and social value.  Founded in 2007 in Maryland (USA), Xpand Horizons has provided services to federal, commercial, and non-profit clients. The company strongly believes in delivering value to its clients by encouraging them to ‘see beyond’ the immediate and expand the horizons of possibilities. The company also recognizes its responsibility as a corporate citizen right from the very start and puts an emphasis on generating social value alongside the economic value. Xpand Horizons, LLC services are focused on the following two areas: 

·         Management and IT Consulting Services

·         Product Development Services 

Management and IT Consulting Services

Consulting Services are focused on the core management and IT competencies. Xpand Horizons primarily consults during the strategy and solution definition phase of the development lifecycle, and offers expertise in program and project management during the implementation phase.

Product Development Services

Xpand Horizons makes strategic investments in long term relationships for new products. We offer guidance and assistance to early-stage startups for new product definition, business plans, valuation, and networking in exchange for a fee and/or equity. We also build long term partnerships to provide sales channel for existing product lines to expand current market segments or cultivate new markets.